About MedEx

At MedEx Quick Care, we provide quality and affordable Medical care for adults and children older than 12 months.  We provide the support and answers you need in regards to Screenings & Other Health Care Services, IV Hydration for Dehydration, EKG, Lab Tests, Pregnancy Test, PPD/TB Skin Test, STD Screening, Diabetes/Cholesterol Screening, Obesity Screening/ Weight Management, Comprehensive Health Screening etc. 

No matter if you make an appointment or walk in, we know that you may be facing a potentially life-changing choice and our staff is here to help walk you through your options. Our highly trained provider, registered nurses and patient advocates are here to offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers. 

We also offer family planning consultations, Well Child starting at 12months, Adult Annual/Wellness Exams, Well Woman, DOT (Truck Driver) Physicals, Sports Physical, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Weight Loss Management, Smoking Cessation, Acid Reflux/Heartburn, Medication Refills, Referral to Specialists when needed etc. Call us today for a confidential visit.

We are here for you.

Quality and Affordable Medical Care for Adults and Children older than 12 months!

Walk-ins welcome

We're a very walk-in friendly practice, and we'll always take care of you. Visit us and bring the whole family! Contact us today.

Immunizations & Vaccines

MedEx Quick Care is here for all your primary care needs! From medication refills to vaccinations, we'll make sure you feel better!

Wellness Visits & Chronic Disease
  • Well Child starting at 12months

  • Adult Annual/Wellness Exams

  • Well Woman

  • DOT (Truck Driver) Physicals

  • Sports Physical